500 Hours of Coaching

10 years of Voluntary Leadership 

Oxford Master Degree

My experience is based on over 500 hours of Coaching in the last 10 years. The clients I have worked with are Executives, Senior Managers, and Department Heads of the Fortune Global 500 companies. 

My Coaching method is based on Brief Coaching for Lasting Solutions, inspired by Steve Shazer through his solution focused, brief therapy approach (1978).


As the name implies, brief Coaching is about being brief and that is how I would describe my personal Coaching style too; structured approach, focused conversations, goal oriented as well as reasonable and result oriented guidance.


I am a multilingual and well-travelled individual, currently working as Deputy Principal Talent Management with Right Management Zurich and PCC Coach.


10 years of voluntary leadership roles with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a Master's degree in "Coaching and Consulting for Change" from Oxford SAID and HEC university support and deepened this expertise.

Meeting people of all ethnicities, age, religion and gender enrich my life. Individuals who care about optimizing their potential, overcoming challenges, people who are eager to grow and continue to learn are the target group I thrive on and am looking forward to starting the GROWTH journey with you.


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I would like to dedicate my time and passion for Change and Growth to YOU... 


Creativity, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Flexibility, Empathy, Human Warmth, Curiosity and Humour cannot be replaced by robots. I am human, I remain human and I am offering you professional support to grow your human strengths!



Life & Business  Coach

I met Sonja when I moved to Switzerland and started attending the local Zurich International Coaching Federation monthly meetings. She is a thoughtful, gracious host at these meetings always making sure topics of interest and benefit are covered on a monthly basis. I have enjoyed many interesting conversations and discussions with her and know her to be a most supportive and considerate coach as well as chapter leader for the ICF.