Work with what you got



Good. Better. Best.

Raise the bar!

Together, let's increase your

determination and explore your drive.

Creativity, Emotional Intelligence,  Empathy, Human Warmth, Curiosity and Humour: no artifical intelligence can replace those qualities. 

I am human, I remain human and I am offering you

professional support to grow your human strengths ! 

Working with what you got. Together!

Good. Better. Best.

Sonja Robinson.

My experience is based on over 500 hours of Coaching in the last 10 years. The clients I have worked with are Executives, Senior Managers, and Department Heads of the Fortune Global 500 companies.


Coaching has been defined by so many people, in so many ways that even I experience challenges to understand the true meaning and purpose of this profession.

Brief Coaching. 30 Minute Sessions.

Practical, on-demand support in 30 minute sessions, so you can tackle challenges whenever they come up. You have the freedom to choose when you want to be coached, how long and how. 

Consulting. Training.

Over the past 20 + years of my working life, helping global companies increase organizational effectiveness and develop and grow teams and individuals has deepened my know how, competencies and understanding. I wish to share and elaborate them for and with you.



Life & Business  Coach

I met Sonja when I moved to Switzerland and started attending the local Zurich International Coaching Federation monthly meetings. She is a thoughtful, gracious host at these meetings always making sure topics of interest and benefit are covered on a monthly basis. I have enjoyed many interesting conversations and discussions with her and know her to be a most supportive and considerate coach as well as chapter leader for the ICF.